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Subsidies from Poor Families to Agriculturists Amount to 500 Million Shekels Annually
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies: Raising Corporate Tax Will Hamper Growth
End of School Year Report Card for the Education System: High Investment in Education, Low Achievements
Employment for Israeli Seniors Worth a Potential NIS 6.4 Billion
Study Reveals Marijuana Legalization Would Generate Over 1.6 Billion Shekel Annually For Israeli Economy
Without Competition, Most Israeli Homeowners Overpay for Cooking Gas
What makes Israelis most happy? More income without a spouse
Bank Customers Finance High Bank Salaries NIS 27 Billion in Operating Expenses Passed to Consumers
Helping the Poor Begins with Measuring Poverty Accurately
Report on Poverty in Israel
Israel’s "Sports Law" Lowers Chance for Olympic Medals
Study Reveals: Until July 14th Israel Govenment Keeps Average Israel's Paycheck
Government Biometric Database Puts Israel with Undemocratic Countries
Israel Likely to See Protests over Auto Prices
The Chief Scientist Subsidizes the "Tycoons" and Big Corporations
NIS 600 Million in State Support for Culture – Inefficient and without Transparency
The Great Cottage Cheese Rebellion of 2011
Young Parents Want School Choice
Israel Ranks 83 of 141 Countries in Economic Freedom
How the West Lost Egypt
The High Cost of Israeli Honey: 3.5 Times More than US Honey
Israelis celebrate Tax Freedom Day on June 29th this year
Young Israelis Have Less Trust in IDF Command than Elders
Israel Needs a Professional Army
Israel Ranks 81st out of 141 countries in the Economic Freedom Index
Israel 2012: Fasting on Yom Kippur, But Getting Married without the Rabbinate
Is it Worth it to be Polite?
Most of Israel’s Elderly Poor are Holocaust Survivors
State Spends NIS 600 Million for Employee Training
Are Israeli women discriminated against when it comes to property rights?
Israelis have the most trust in the scientific community and the IDF
Israelis prefer the Wisconsin Welfare-to-Work Program to monetary hand-outs
Israel's economic freedom ranking drops to 76. Last year it was 44
Israel Sees Mixed Results In New Int'l Economic Freedom Report